Fabrication, surveying, installation, service and permits in MD, DC and Northern Virginia. 1st Rate Services wants to be your 1st choice for all of your signage needs.
1st Rate Services produces high quality signage for all needs. Take a look at some of our past projects.


I founded 1st Rate Services in 2016. My reason for starting the company was simple: CUSTOMER SERVICE. As a former Project Manager for a major sign company, I was always working under other managers and never had the opportunity to offer customer service my way. Here at 1st Rate Services, we are a sign company that not only handles all aspects of the sign business, but does it with you, the customer, first!

Your first choice for custom signs!

Customer Service My Way

The first pillar of customer service is communication. Here at 1st Rate Services, we believe communication is the most important part of the process. We believe you should be involved in all aspects of your project and given an opportunity to imprint your identity in every sign.

The second is effectiveness. Our installers and designers are trained and experienced and are fully committed and able to effectively fulfill your needs, while being mindful of your budget and time restrictions. We pride ourselves on NEVER disappointing a client. We will not disappoint you.

The third is trustworthiness. My team here at 1st Rate Services will always be committed to giving the best and most thorough customer service possible. We believe in taking care of you from start to finish and making ourselves available at all times. The trust we build together will ensure a phenomenal experience and satisfaction in our product for years to come.

We fabricate, survey, install, service and get permits in MD, DC and Northern Virginia. 1st Rate Services wants to be your 1st choice for all of your signage needs.

Dawn McKinney- Founder & President, 1st Rate Services

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